32mm – 45mm diameter

Pellets are used for seed starting, or starting the plant growth. When water is added, the coir pellets swell-up to become a perfect self-contained pot with the best medium for starting seeds. With the coco peat, seeds are nurtured within the pellet to germinate faster into young saplings. Roots emerge through the porous walls of the disc due to enhanced air circulation created by the growing media. Once the roots start to stick out of the pellet, it is time to transplant.

Peat pellets are a great option for growers who want a clean seedling system as the peat does not run into the irrigation system since it is in a well contained bag.

The Coco Peat is OMRI certified organic, which is also a reason it is preferred by some growers over other plugs.

The Coir Pellet Specification

Typical size 32mm-45mm diameter x 4mm-8mm thickness
Size Compressed 4~8mm
Expanded volume 40~80mm
EC (Average EC (Electrical conductivity) levels.) vary from < 1 to < 0.1mS/cm (1: 1.5 Dutch method)
Weight 3~7grams
Sand content 2%-4%
pH level 5.8 ~ 6.8
Moisture < 18~21%

The Coir pith pellets or plugs are available in the nude form, and inside individual bags.

Packing / Loadability

Palletized (Approx)4620 blocks per 40 high cube container (22MT)
Size Bulk Loading ~5200 blocks per 40 high cube container (25MT)
Bundle Packing bags