Compressed: 97cm x 18cm x 3cm, Expanded: 100cm x 20cm x 16cm

Grow bags are widely used in greenhouses and they provide the perfect growing medium for a wide range of fruits, vegetables and flowers. They come with drainage and irrigation holes to provide easy intake of nutrients and water, while also drainage cleaner and easier. They became extensively popular a decade ago as farmers realized that with the use of growbags, they don’t need to change the soil every time, the plants do not get infected as they never have to touch soil, and they keep the greenhouse clean.

Since they are used in greenhouses, the crops can be grown any time of the year, and since the growbags are easily changeable, they just have to get a new set for every harvest.

At Earth Sense Agro Products, all our growbags are UV treated for longer life and to survive in hot or cold weather. Our Grow bags have an average thickness 150 microns (600 gauge) with 3 years Warranty of certification for UV stability and exposure periods in outdoor conditions, hydroponic cultivation or industrial growing conditions.

The Specification

Weight 1.6~3.7kg
Size Compressed 100cm x 15~20cm x 10~20cm
Expanded size As per mixed ratio
EC (Average EC (Electrical conductivity) levels.) vary from < 1 to < 0.1mS/cm (1: 1.5 Dutch method)
Yields up to 17lit/kg (100% pith)
Sand content 2%-4%
pH level 5.8 ~ 6.8
Moisture < 18~21%
  • Blend of our grow bags: Standard (100% coco peat) / Balance (70/30) / Superior(50/50) / Premium(30/70) / Premium Crush(100 % Chips) / TP3(Unwashed-92% pith, 8% fibre)
  • Mixed Ratio in % : Customized mixed ratio of cocopeat, chips and fibre

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