Earth Sense Agro Products private limited

We specialize in procuring, producing and marketing agricultural products to substrates manufacturers and greenhouses in India, and around the world.

We mainly deal with Coco Peat, that is made from the fibrous material between the outer husk and the actual coconut. Originally, the coir was used to make cordage and ropes in ancient India. The pith was first commercially used in the 1980s in Holland to grow roses and lilies. Since it promoted root growth significantly, growers started using coir pith for hydroponic gardening instead of peat moss.

We procure coco peat from carefully screened and hand-picked reliable vendors in South India, and bring it to our processing unit in Tamil Nadu where it is packaged and shipped to clients and buyers all over world.

We are part of the Earth Sense Ventures family that specializes in recycling, refurbishing, and waste management systems since 1999. So we grabbed the opportunity to process and use a product that was once burned away as a by-product from coconut fiber mills, that is also eco-friendlier than its conventional alternative. Since then, we have organically grown our company, and the Earth Sense group has been awarded by the Indian Coir board during the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 for the Excellent Performance in the Industry.

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Premium brand for coir peat blocks Coco briquettes Crushed coconut husk chips Open-top easy planters and grow bags.


Vermi compost, Panchagavya - organic fertilizer and pesticide


Bio compost manure, Pre nourished soil mix, Neem pesticide powder

One size doesn't fit all

Every plant is different, and so are their requirements for best growth and productivity. At Earth Sense Agro, we customize our products to best suit their individual needs.


6mm grade


8mm grade with 6% fiber

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