Coco Peat Block

Available as compressed 5kg blocks, this is the most widely used variety of the coco peat. The peat is mixed into potting soil due to its high water and nutrient retention capacity, and also provides optimum aeration for plants. This can be used as a soil conditioner, or as growing medium on its own for soilless agriculture. The sponge-like nature of the coir pith makes it ideal for holding large quantities of water and oxygen in the soil thereby preventing the vital nutrients from leaching out.

The Specification

Weight 4.7kg (+/-0.5kg)
Size Compressed 30cm x 30cm x 12.5cm
Expanded volume upto 70 liters
EC (Average EC (Electrical conductivity) levels.) vary from < 1 to < 0.1mS/cm (1: 1.5 Dutch method)
Yields up to 17lit/kg
Sand content 2%-4%
pH level 5.8 ~ 6.8
Moisture < 18~21%

The blocks can also be mixed with cut fiber and husk chips for varied uses. Coco peat, mixed with coco fiber, is also used in filtration of air and chemicals, absorption material for factories, and in animal bedding.

Packing / Loadability

Palletized (Approx)4620 blocks per 40 high cube container (22MT)
Size Bulk Loading ~5200 blocks per 40 high cube container (25MT)
Bundle Packing bags